What You Get

  • Private Lessons:
    • FREE meet-n-greet prior to signing a contract for Private Lessons
    • One on One training with you and your dog
    • Work on things such as: Loose Leash Walking, Find it, Sit, Down, Wait, Stay, just to name a few
    • Learn New Tricks
    • Customized to your needs
  • Group Classes: 
    • Work through Everyday Distractions
    • Fun While Learning 
    • Enhance Your Understanding of Your Dog
    • Learn Something New or Build on Skills Already in Place
  • Friendly, Reliable Service
  • Insured and Bonded

  • NEW: Online/Virtual Training
    • ​During this COVID outbreak, we are offering Online/Virtual consulting and training
    • "Ask the Trainer" sessions that give you the chance to ask that One question about your dog's behavior you've been wanting to ask
    • Sign up for a virtual training package that will be tailored directly for your struggle and meet weekly to discuss your training progress



Positive Dog Training for Positive Results!