Professional! Extremely knowledgeable, knows how to handle my dog. Immediate results. Listened to my concerns. Always on time.

                                                      ~Rodney C.

We had such a great time with you and we learned so much! We're certainly going to continue to work on training. We've bonded a whole lot and have even more ways to comminucate now. Thank you for everything!!!!!!

-Erin C.

We learned that with excellent judgement and awareness, Jacqui can explain you and your dog to each other - and make it FUN!

-Evan H.

Thank you for all you do above and beyond my expectations, you even go to my house to check on a burning candle! You're the Best!!

-Jennifer W.

Jacqui walked our Golden Doodle, Benjamin. She also trained him while walking him. Benjamin was always happy to see her! She was very friendly, honest and dependable. She will be missed by all of us!

​                                                      ~Patty T.

Tank had so much fun based on the pictures and it's clear he learned a lot. Thank ya for taking him last minute and dealing with our delays.

~Heather C.

Jacqui is very interested in and enjoys teaching and interacting with our dog Mimi.

​                                                      ~Rich V.

Jacqui took wonderful care of our Great Danes. We always felt confident when we had her dog sit. We will miss her and her great service!

​                                                      ~Lisa R.

Jacqui is always ready to help, even at the last minute. My dogs love her! She trains them the right way, not rushed and adapts to the heat with activities. She drills them on the basics. She is caring, nice and fabulous!

​                                                      ~Erin O.

Jacqui is a rare self-starter business person that brings talent, education, and a passion to the business of training dogs. She has done the most  creative classes I have seen in a host of creative trainers and she is a stand out in any field. She is tenacious, knowledgeable, and easy to work with.

​                                                      ~Layne K.

Positive Dog Training for Positive Results!